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What We Do...

Good Changes Wellness Consulting was started for two purposes. The first is simply to help people improve the quality of their lives. The other is to do so by teaching people how and where to make changes that will work in their own unique lifestyle and have a meaningful impact on improving their lives. We do this with a real world approach to healthy living. Disspelling myths and misinformation propagated by the food industry and arming you with the ability to best take care of yourself.

Group Seminars

Organizing a group nutrition and wellness seminar is a highly efficient way to educate more people on the benefits of healthy eating and exercise and improving their lifestyles. They are also effective marketing tools as they tend to be an attractive draw for people. We are available to do seminars in most locations, year round. We welcome groups of all kinds including, businesses, churches and religious organizations, private organizations, charities, clubs, schools and universities, government organizations, and more. Our seminars are fun, entertaining, interactive as well as informative. We can accomodate groups of any size from less than 30 to very large numbers. Email or call if you have a group and are interested in hosting a nutrition and wellness seminar.

Your Support Team

No man is an island. We all need help from someone at some point. Natalie's specialization is in nutrition. And while nutrition is a major factor in healthy living, exercise is also important. Feeling empowered is also important. We can refer you to our network of personal trainers and cooking instructors for added assistance.

People We Help

Everyone is at a different stage in their life. Because of that, we meet you where you are at this point in your life and help you get to where you want to be. It doesn't matter if you're male or female, married or single, younger or older, a parent or non-parent, severely overweight, just want to lose 15 pounds before your class reunion or wedding, want to gain some weight, want to lower your risk of illness, or just want to feel better about yourself. If you're ready to make good changes, and improve your life, we're ready to help you.

The Good Changes Program

This is not a diet. I repeat, this is NOT a diet. You are improving your life. The program is not designed to be something you do for a week or a month and go back to the old habits that got you where you are in the first place. Think about how counter productive that really is. What we do is look at who you are as a person, the type of lifestyle you're living, and figure out how we can elevate you to where you want to be. We ask what changes and improvements can we make to get you to your healthy living goals. We tell you the information you need to know to best take care of yourself. This is not a diet. This is the path to the better life you've been looking for.