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Is Natalie a doctor or a physician?
Natalie Thomas-Oliveira is a certified nutrition and wellness consultant with the American Fitness Professionals Association. She is not a doctor and does not hold a medical degree or practice medicine. She does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. It is suggested and encouraged that an individual seek the advice of their primary care physician before beginning any fitness program.

I am a member or a group (church, school, charity, community or private organization, business, etc.) and would like to have Natalie come speak to our members about the importance of eating healthy. Is this possible?
Natalie is available to speak to small and large groups. Please call or email questions on scheduling availability and fees.

I need to lose 20 pounds (or less) for an upcoming event. Can you help me?
We help clients who want to lose a few excess pounds to look better for an upcoming event like a wedding, birthday, anniversary, vacation, or reunion. There's an outfit or dress they want to wear and they want to make sure it will fit. We don't make false promises or guide you in an unhealthy manner. So 10 pounds in 3 days is unrealistic. Just saying. But with enough lead time (usually about 8 to 12 weeks) we can get you ready to look your best for your big day.

I need to lose over 20 pounds to be in better health. Can you help me?
Significant excess weight is often inherently tied to poor health and unhealthy habits. When people see their health in decline or their quality of life is not what they want it to be they know they need to do something different. A program can be designed for you to help you reach your weight goals, change unhealthy habits and improve your health.

Where is your office?
My office is located at 236 North Avenue. New Rochelle, NY 10801. Inside the Retro Fitness Gym. I work independently of the gym and you do NOT need to be a member to see me. Consultations are by appointment only.. Please call ahead. 914-432-2234.

I see you are based in New York. However, I'm in California. Can I still participate in the program with you?
The use of technology makes it possible for me to work with people all over the country. A telephone and an email address are all you need. If you also have an internet connection at home with a webcam, you can use Skype, the free video chat program, to work with the personal trainers and cooking instructor.

I know you work via phone and online but are in home consultations also possible?
If you prefer a face to face visit Natalie can accomodate that in some circumstances. Please call or email your questions about this for more information on fees and availability.

I need a complete pantry makeover. I need help getting rid of foods that are bad for me. Can you come to my house and help me do that?
Many people's homes are filled with foods that are not good for them. Natalie can come to your home, show you what you should throw away, explain why you should throw it away, teach you how to recognize things that you shouldn't buy so you'll know how to avoid them in future, and offer ideas of healthy alternatives where possible. Please call or email your questions about this service for more information on fees and availability.

My (husband/wife/friend/relative/partner) and I would like to do the program together. Is that possible?
2 people can do the program together. The partner program is a good idea because it provides additional emotional support and mutual motivation which has been shown to help improve success.

Will I only be working with Natalie as my consultant the entire time?
We will work together one on one from start to finish to get you to your goal. I will work with you personally to customize a nutrition program for you. Only in the event that we come across an issue that is beyond the scope of my work and expertise as a nutrition consultant will I then recommend to you that you seek out a specialist in that area. But that is a rare occurence. I want to see you win and I will be there with you every step of the way.

Do you sell any products?
I don't sell any products or supplements of any kind. I stay as far away from sales as I possibly can. I am not a salesperson, representative, or endorser for any product or service. During the program I may suggest to you things that you can purchase that will be helpful in your transition to healthier living like a water bottle, food storages containers, etc..., but I will not sell you anything. There are products and brands that I may suggest or recommend because I or other clients have had personal success with them and think you may have as well, but again, I will not sell you anything.

Do you work with anybody?
Yes, as long as they are ready and committed.
I make a large personal investment of my time into every single one of my clients. So I physically do not have the time to work with every one that contacts me. During my busiest times, I have a waiting list of potential clients. Also, I am the creator and facilitator of the program but you are the executor. Nothing I say matters if you don't put in the work and effort behind it. I teach you how to change. It's up to you however, to do it. I give you the map, but it is up to you to walk the road. Someone who isn't yet ready to implement change in their life, I am unable to work with. However, by the time a person contacts me, they have already made up their mind that they are ready and committed to change. What they need to know is, how to do it right. That's where I come in. Chances are if you're reading this section, you've already made a decision.

How are you different from Weight Watchers or Curves?
while some people have found success with those programs the main difference is they are set up to have repeat customers. Many people have initial success while on those programs but the second they leave the program, they are unable to maintain it. Also, they want you to buy their products. I don't want to sell you anything. Furthermore, when you complete the Good Changes program you will be able to take care of yourself by yourself and maintain your success. You'll be able to take care of your family and make sure those around you are also living the healthiest lives they can.

How long does the program last?
As long as you need it to.
The program is designed around your individual health goals. Not everyone will make progress at the same pace. It takes time to see meaningful results, form good lifestyle habits, and learn all the information regarding healthy eating that will be taught to you. Bigger goals (15+ pounds) will require more time therefore at least 12 weekly sessions are recommended.. So you can take all the time you need, we can accomodate you and we'll be here to help you through it.

Do you accept credit cards?
Currently, we accept all major credit cards, PayPal and cash.

How much does the program cost?
Please call 1 (914) 432-2234 with rate questions
regarding private comprehensive nutrition and wellness consulting. The program is built around the nutrition coaching. The program is customized to you and your goals so additional options can be added as needed.

The program is designed to make you capable of living a healthy life and taking care of yourself for the rest of your life. Long after you've completed the program, you will be able to maintain your success, and forever enjoy the healthy lifestyle you've created. And it's free to either call or just fill out the form below and provide me with some info about you and I can tell you what type of value is available for you.

You can call (1-(914)-432-2234) or email or fill out the form below right now and ask about creating a program for you. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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