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Meet Natalie...

I take a natural approach to health but that doesn't mean I take the idea of being healthy lying down. I believe we are all very much in control of what we do to and put into our bodies. A major problem is that many people have no real idea of what exactly they are doing to and putting into their bodies. I've spent a good amount of my adult life learning how food effects my body. This was long before becoming certified as a nutrition counselor with the American Fitness Professionals Association.

This began as a result of my mother's diagnosis of diabetes. I was only in high school, and while I had heard of the disease before I didn't know much about it. My mother, at the advice of her doctor, slowly started changing her diet. Later I found out several of the older family members also had diabetes and high blood pressure, various cancers and other illnesses that have a direct relationship to diet. That's when I started to notice the patterns and seek out the information to make sure I wasn't next in line to develop these illnesses. The more knowledgeable I became, my friends would start asking me for help and advice with their weight and health issues and I would share my knowledge and help them improve their lives. I did this for years before a friend suggested I should do it as a profession.

I was just so passionate about living a healthy life myself and helping the people around me do the same that I did it for the love and never thought of it as a profession. But it was totally a lightbulb moment and I immediately enrolled myself in the course and got certified to do what I was already living and doing for years. I'm so excited to be able to help so many more people take control of their health and lives.

Natalie Thomas-Oliveira is a certified nutrition and wellness consultant with the American Fitness Professionals Association. She is not a doctor and does not hold a medical degree or practice medicine. She does not claim to diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness. It is suggested and encouraged that an individual seek the advice of their primary care physician before beginning any fitness program.

The Good Changes Program - How it Works
(Step 1) Assessment. We will sit together in our first session and you will tell me all I need to know about your current health and wellness habits and lifestyle.

(Step 2) Analysis. In our second session I will have prepared for you an analysis of the information you gave me of where we need to make changes and improvements. I will design a plan for you outlining the places where your eating habits can improve, an exercise regimen for you to begin, a custom meal plan if necessary, and other areas of your lifestyle where healthy improvements and changes can be made.

(Step 3) We will have a weekly session where you will receive support, we will discuss your progress, what's working, what isn't and how to improve. I will also teach you things that will help you make informed healthy choices in your life.

Think of me as a coach for your fork. Accurate information leads to better decision making. Add that with support and guidance and you can get healthy, manage your weight, and live your life any way you want to. You don't have to feel "stuck" or hopeless anymore. The best part is, you can start right now.