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For as long as I could remember, cakes, cookies, and ice cream were an every day part of my life. In fact, to me, they were a necessity. Fruit? Vegetables? These things were unheard of in my home. Despite my terrible eating habits, I always maintained a small frame, and thus I actually believed I was healthy. It was not until pregnancy and baby weight that all my horrendous eating habits caught up to me. I now found myself 40lbs overweight and with no clue as to what it would take to not only lose the weight, but maintain a healthy lifestyle. In came Natalie and Rui! Not only did Natalie take the time to sit with me and help me understand how the food I was consuming was affecting my weight, she thoroughly explained what they were doing to my overall health. Natalie helped me rid my home of dangerous foods not only for myself, but for my family; and aided me into choosing healthy alternatives. Rui was also an essential part of my transformation, as he developed a personal training program that was easy to follow and yet challenging enough to produce the changes I desired. With Natalie and Rui's guidance and support, I was able to shed 13lbs within the first 4 months. More importantly, I gained an understanding of healthy eating habits and how the choices of the food I intake and that which I chose to feed my family, can not only affect our physical, but also our mental and emotional well being. I will forever by grateful for this program for helping me look and better feel better!
-Inis A. New Rochelle, NY

After our initial consultation April, 2013, I embarked on a plan to become healthy. Natalie and I spoke about 2 1/2 hours as she compiled pertinent information about me. Once I received the feedback on my obesity level, I knew that I had to make life changes. It has been challenging, but rewarding. I now have the knowledge of what I must do to get the desired results and I have a great coach in Natalie. My greatest accomplishment thus far is maintaining a healthy blood pressure level. I am a work in progress and I am looking forward to wearing those nice cocktail dresses this holiday season. Natalie has been such a great coach. She's patient, very knowledgeable on the subject matter, engaging, consistent and persistent in retrieving and following up. The few questions that I've asked that she did not readily answer, she would advise me that she would research the topic and get back to me; always less than 24 hours there is my answer.
-Martha L. Lauderhill, FL

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